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Playing Card Management System (PCMS)

Playing Card Management System (PCMS) supports casino playing card and dice operations. It tracks the whole lifecycle of playing cards, upon ordering of playing cards from vendor, the shipment receipt, all the way to card destruction. All card movements from one location to another are logged as card transactions in the system. PCMS tells users everything about each particular deck of card: where, when and what processes it has gone through and who handled the operation. Users can always find out which deck of card is being used on a particular gaming table at a particular time and where the deck of card is now currently located.


For ease of card amount allocation to each location, PCMS keeps the inventory of each type of cards. It maintains par stock level setting at each location, thus enabling automatic calculation of card replenishment amount from warehouse to card room and card room to pits.


  • Manage Playing Card operation from order receipt to destruction

  • Trace every Card movement and status through its lifecycle

  • Secured Card control (Deck, Vault & Seal pairing) to alert tampering

  • Assist Surveillance card monitoring and investigation

  • Handle exception – investigation, broken vault/seals, etc

  • Configurable Pit location and Table Game type and associated Deck-type

  • Provide card usage, management reports, inventory and detailed enquiry functions

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