Enterprise Solutions System (ESS) is an all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning system, developed with full-featured business management solution on the basis of local business operating environment and laws for Macau SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprise) in various industries, such as Retail, Architecture, Healthcare, etc. ESS aims to improve efficiency in managing and administrative works, leading to the ease of management and raise of competitiveness to enterprise in the long run.


ESS covers most of the business modules a SME needs to help SMEs record all their business transactions such as accounting, taxation, management on human resource, and supply chain etc. in a single system. With ESS, SMEs can make informed, fact-based, timely decisions to remain ahead in the competition.


In addition, the Incomes Declaration – Group B M/1 form, Employee Registration Form - M/2, Termination of Employment Form - M/2A & Salaries Tax – Group A Form – M3/M4 can be auto-filled and generated from ESS to meet the requirements of Financial Services Bureau of Macao SAR Government.


  • Accounting

    • Manage and Track all accounts and transactions

    • Manage your costs, budgets and spending

    • Auto-Generate Accounting reports

    • Financial situation Analytics

  • Human resource management (HRM)

    • Manage employee payroll, welfare and expense claims

    • Manage recruitment and staff performance

    • Manage and track leave and attendance

  • Stock

    • Manage and Track inventory, warehouses, stock movements

    • Manage Price lists, Item Price, serials and batches, etc.

    • Auto-Generate Stock Reports

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

    • Manage and Track presales process from leads and opportunities

    • Maintain details of all your customers, suppliers, and contacts

  • Selling & Purchasing

    • Manage and Track selling/buying quotations, orders, invoices, etc.

    • Analytics on Sales/Purchase, Customers/Suppliers, Salesperson Performance, etc.

    • Point of sale (POS)

  • Project management

    • Manage Project planning, timeline and tasks

    • Assign tasks to employee for follow-ups

    • Timesheet for time tracking

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