Valet Parking System

Valet Parking System (VPS) improves productivity and effectiveness of the valet parking operations by automating, monitoring and controlling the valet parking business processes.


VPS offers functionalities to standardize and streamline the valet parking operational workflows. It provides real-time information of parking spaces and reporting capabilities, increases efficiency of parking operations by adopting barcode parking tickets and scanners, reduces staff workload by calculating the parking fees automatically, minimizes the discrepancy and error caused by manual operations, and enhances traceability by maintaining audit trials in the system. Moreover, hotel operations management can generate reports from VPS to analyze the operational and financial performance, optimize human resources allocation and improve valet parking services.


  • Display available parking spaces

  • Log ticket ID, license plate, ticketed by & time, picked up by & time, etc. when a car comes/leaves a valet counter

  • Calculate parking fee

  • Record parking attendant working hours

  • Handling lost tickets

  • Car Blacklist

  • Audit complimentary ticket issues from different outlets

  • Generate daily, monthly and summary reports for auditing valet parking revenue

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