Valet Parking System

Valet Parking System (VPS) improves productivity and effectiveness of the valet parking operations by automating, monitoring and controlling the valet parking business processes.


VPS offers functionalities to standardize and streamline the valet parking operational workflows. It provides real-time information of parking spaces and reporting capabilities, increases efficiency of parking operations by adopting barcode parking tickets and scanners, reduces staff workload by calculating the parking fees automatically, minimizes the discrepancy and error caused by manual operations, and enhances traceability by maintaining audit trials in the system. Moreover, hotel operations management can generate reports from VPS to analyze the operational and financial performance, optimize human resources allocation and improve valet parking services.


  • Record the responsible driver, license plate, parking lot ID, key lot ID, parking start/end time, retrieval start/end time, etc.

  • Take photos to record the vehicle status using VPS mobile app

  • Display the available parking lots, number of on-duty drivers and their status, pending parking jobs and job progress on the dashboard in real time, allowing dispatchers to quickly and effectively schedule manpower and arrange parking jobs

  • Provide ticketless mode with unique and unpredictable e-ticket website URL sent to guests by SMS message

  • QR Code available in the e-ticket website for the ease of vehicle retrieval and settlement

  • Allow users to define parking fee and parking discounts

  • Support multiple payment methods, and automatic calculation of parking period and fees during settlement

  • Show warnings and remarks during the check-in process of the blacklisted vehicles

  • Calculate employee performance based on attendance records of the drivers and their completed parking jobs

  • Audit complimentary ticket issues from different outlets

  • Generate daily, monthly and summary reports for auditing valet parking revenue

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