Asset Management Information System (AMIS)

Asset Management & Information System (AMIS) is designed for Macau SAR government departments to track and manage their various types of assets including vehicles, office equipment, books, etc., as well as consumables throughout their life cycle.


AMIS reduces manual workloads, improves data accuracy and it also provides detailed enquiry functions and management reports. AMIS has user-friendly interfaces with optimized functions which cover all aspects of asset management workflow including asset acquisition, transfer, revaluation, disposal as well as stocktaking processes.


In addition, the asset records (whether in Excel format or plain text) submitted to the Financial Services Bureau of Macao SAR Government (also known as DSF) can be generated from AMIS. With the support of our company, we guarantee that the format of the asset records will be aligned to the requirements of DSF.


  • Manage the asset lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal

  • Support bulk asset upload

  • Provide asset inventory list, management reports and detailed enquiry functions

  • Generate the asset records required by DSF

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