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Gaming Equipment Management System (GEMS)

Gaming Equipment Management System (GEMS) keeps track on all activities and movement of gaming equipment and provide tracking record for Casino Operations team. The aim is to prevent and provide alert for any suspicious activities, thus tightening overall security standard with lower manpower involvement and operation cost.


Unique security seals or other labels/tools for gaming equipment are used to closely monitoring sensitive gaming equipment overall check‐in/check‐out status and movement.


GEMS also provides inventory report and current status report for better management of sensitive gaming equipment operation and maintenance procedure.


  • Assign unique system IDs to each gaming equipment and generate barcodes for tracking

  • Pair the equipment ID with security seal to increase the equipment security control

  • Support combination of multiple equipment into one group, e.g. group dices with dice shaker

  • Record and log all equipment movements and current location/status with historical records

  • Alert of suspicious activities - mismatch, invalid removal, overdue action, double assignment of single gaming equipment, gaming equipment assignment mis-match with the predefined game type, etc

  • Allow 3rd party system data import/integration

  • Provide detail reports and enquiry functions

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