Wine Tracking & Inventory

Wine Inventory Security and Tracking System (WIS) allows hotel operations to manage the wine inventory and find wines with speed and accuracy. WIS tracks every movement of each bottle of wine and thus provides secure and reliable traceability. Users can easily identify the bottle location and status, the source of supply, as well as the lifecycle movement of each bottle of wine, from receipt of delivery to destruction after consumption or sales to customers


With WIS, users can record the chiller location of each wine, wine transfer between the warehouse and outlets, the sales of wine in each serving outlet and even the after-sales events. WIS also provides reports that will help the management make better and faster decisions.


In addition, WIS mobile app enables the outlet users to access the core system functionalities using smart phone or tablet.


  • Each individual bottle of Premium Wine is identified by a unique 2D barcode ID

  • The bottle of wine can be traced back to the supplier, purchase order, invoice, delivery date, etc.

  • Log every movement of each bottle of wine

  • Generate daily, monthly reports for management review

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