Disability Rating and Allowance System(DRS)

Disability Rating and Allowance System (DRS) is developed for the Social Welfare Bureau of Macao SAR Government (also known as IAS) to support its operations for issuing disability subsidies to the eligible permanent residents of Macao SAR.


DRS assists the staffs to manage the applicant information and disability rating in a faster and convenient way. It eases the staffs’ workload and reduces human errors by generating notification letters to the applicants as well as list of transfer payment to the bank. On the other hand, the applicants can always check the application progress and rating result from the system. The government can use the statistical reports generated from DRS to support decision making and improve service quality.


  • Record applicants’ information and disability rating

  • Issue allowance to the eligible applicants

  • Enable applicants to check the application progress and rating result

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