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Valet Parking System (VPS)


As part of hotel’s complete customer services, most of the hotel provides valet parking services for hotel guests and casino players. Hotel operation have to manage valet counters, parking space, different redemption location and complimentary stamp issued, and parking tickets.


As the hotel operation has to manage various component involved in their daily operation, they need a system to keep track of the parking tickets, parking lots and parking revenue for record purpose and management needs to derive statistics information from these records so as to enhance the services and provide better management of the valet parking operation.

• Car check-in/out
• Complimentary calculation
• Ticket Lost
• Shift Change Balance
• Ticket Enquiry
• Lot Enquiry
• Reports (e.g Hourly Capacity report, Daily Revenue Report)
• Redeemable Location maintenance

  • Car Check In

  • Valet Parking Daily Revenue Report

  • Car Check Out

  • Parking Lot Maintenance
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