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Lottery Promotion System(LPS)


To attract Patron’s interest and promote gaming business, hotel’s marketing department launched a series of promotion programs, amongst which Lottery Ticket lucky drawn commenced in February 2012.


In order to streamline the promotion program and award patron, hotel’s marketing would like to implement a system which:
• Award patron with lottery tickets according to the bonus points they are entitled.
• Lucky drawn of winning numbers will be held twice a day
• Different prizes based of winning criteria will be awarded
• Issue lottery ticket based on Patron earned bonus points entitlement
• Input lucky draw result which will run twice a day
• Filter winning tickets against lucky draw result
• Mark winning tickets which are claimed by Patrons
• Provides reports on the lucky draw, winning tickets for Marketing to review the promotion scheme
• Allow Marketing user to define prize award structure and winning criteria

  • Club Counter - Patron Query

  • Lottery Ticket

  • Club Counter - Issue Lottery Ticket

  • Enquiry
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