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Bus Operation System (BOS)


As part of hotel's complete customer services, hotel provides complimentary shuttle bus services for hotel guests and casino players. As there are different locations and various routes, with over 50 buses running the services, hotel transportation operation has to keep track of the exact bus schedules, journey time and passenger count for record purpose.


Hotel intends to implement a Bus Operation System (BOS) to manage this daily bus services, capture and track the journey time, and passenger count etc. Hotel Management can derive statistics information from these records so as to enhance the services and better manage the vehicles and bus operation
• Log bus departure, passenger counts, journey time, queuing and waiting time etc using mobile devices such as PDA.
• Upload bus schedule and activities record to central database
• Generate different types of statistic/report for review or analysis • Reduce human error

• Collecting bus travel information
• Gathering statistic from raw data collected from bus attendant

  • Login Screen

  • Bos System Architecture

  • Bus Departure

  • Activity Log
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