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Disability Rating System (DRS)


Social Welfare Bureau (SWB) has number of allowance for people who are disabled. Before releasing the allowance to the applicant, staff needs to rate the disability level for each applicant in order to determine the amount of allowance. After the rating, staff needs to prepare set of document for releasing the allowance through bank.


Disability Rating System (DRS) specifically for the Social Welfare Bureau (SWB) to record persons with disabilities, so SWB can classify and grade these data. Target of the system is assist the SWB to achieve the following objectives:
• Improve efficiency and quality of service
• Manage and supervise data probably
• Accurate statistics and analysis information of people with disabilities
• Integration with bank for releasing allowance
• Records can eventually be used as the basis for the SAR Government to apply social benefits or assistance for people with disabilities in the future.
• Administrative data registration
• Evaluate information and results registration
• Applicant background data registration
• Print Annual Report
• Group permission management
• Integration with different bank for disability allowance

  • New Applicant Registration

  • Applicant Disability Rating

  • Annual Report- Applicant Related

  • Annual Report- All types of Disability
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