Products & Solution

Products & Solution


Cross Government Department Data Exchange (IACM <-> DSFSM <-> DSAJ)


The Data Replication solution based on Attunity products and services allows various government departments to exchange critical data for traffic control. The key data includes driving license and vehicle annual renewal license (owned by IACM), vehicle registration (owned by DSAJ) and traffic tickets (owned by DSFSM). The requirements includes propagating data from IACM AS/400 DB2 to IACM One-Stop Service and DSFSM SQLServer Database, and from DSFSM SQLServer back to IACM’s AS/400 DB2. The replication process also converts different character set into Unicode.
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• Real Time Data Replication from IACM to FSM
• Data Mapping Function/Patch for data conversion
• IACM Multi-code SBCS Re-mapping Function from AS/400 (SA) to MSSQL Unicode (UCS2) + HKSCS
• IACM (DSAJ) DBCS UDC Re-mapping Function from AS/400 (SA) to MSSQL (UCS2) + HKSCS
• IACM & DSAJ UDC data mapping table preparation services
• IACM Big5 + DSAJ Big5 -> (Unicode + HKCSC) + ChangJie + Quick
• Define internal code, Fonts, IME (ChangJie + Quick) for non-Unicode in PUA
• UDC Mapping Tool/Facilities
• Provide User Interface and utilities to define new characters (non-unicode) in future
• Capture the log information and replicate the data changes into the staging area and update to target database.
• The StreamFlow (CDC replication) replicate changes data with no data loss during replications from source to target, even in the event of a network failure.
• Support the functionality of automatic table and field mapping, data transformation and data synchronization by changed data only.