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Products & Solution


Asset Management Information System (AMIS)


There are a lot of asset to manage in different government institute, including consumable and non-consumable asset. Maintaining these assets may require a lot of human effort and paper work. Using a system to managing them can smooth their asset management and also streamline the procurement process.


AMIS can manage asset of each department, office stationery and equipment effectively. It automated data processing property. The assets tracked include accountable property, automated data processing property. System reduced the labour force. It enhanced data accuracy, provide abridgement and report management. The functionality covered all kinds of workflows of the asset management.
• a variety of reports
• Asset inventory list
• Asset classification
• The types of assets
• Property scrapped
• Economic classification
• Property acquired
• Asset information

  • Assets Information

  • Assets Type Identify

  • User records

  • Asset Change - use this feature to make changes to the bulk value of the assets
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