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Machine Seal Tracking System (MSTS)


As part of casino's complete security services, casino offers more than 200 deck shuffler to gaming tables for shuffling playing cards. For security issue, each deck shuffler will have a security seal stuck on it. Every time a user opens the deck shuffler, he/she must void the security seal.


Casino Tech Team realized the need to implement a system which can track the activities of the security seals and all in-out movement of the deck shuffler in Casino Tech Workshop and Card Room. The main objective of building the Machine Seal Tracking System (MSTS) is to prevent any invalid remove of the security seal.

• Pair serial number and seal number for each deck shuffler.
• Log the movement of each deck shuffler.
• Verify the serial number and seal number when scanning
• Register exception when the scanned serial number and seal number do not match

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  • Modify User Group and Access Right
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