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Baccarat Display (BSB)


Baccarat Score Board (BSB) System is a Baccarat Game Trend Display System give patrons and onlookers a complete history of past games played and resulting winners (bank, player or tie), as well as the consecutive games won and the counts of wins and pairs of the current shoe in play.


Players in Asia region used to mark down the results of the game on a card-matrix in progress. The Baccarat Score Board System emulates the baccarat-result cards and displays hands of baccarat games results, providing a visual guide of the trends or ways of current shoes.
• Interface with Intelligent Shoe (e.g. Angel Eye)
• Direct Result Input from Intelligent Shoe (No need for dealer to key in)
• Score Board Display
• Localized Result Paths/Trends
• Configurable color scheme, logo
• Table Number, shoe number and Game counts
• 5 different ways / path (localized ways of display)
• Shoe Change / Screen Reset
• Last Result Correction
• Score Card Printing (in Pit Podium)

  • Standard Baccarat Scoreboard

  • System Structure

  • Enterprise System Architecture

  • Power Baccarat feature

  • EZ Baccarat (Dragon 7) feature

  • EZ Baccarat (Panda 8) feature

  • Hot Table feature (Yellow flames)

  • Hot Table feature (Red flames)

  • Signage
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