• About iNSys
    iN Systems (Macao) Limited (iNSys), established since July 2000 in Macau, is a local based information technologies consulting company. We focus on serving clients by delivering services and solutions oriented towards client's specific needs, with particular emphasis on developing and integrating information systems, applying technology to enhance business processes, and if necessary helping clients transform their business.
  • Products  &   Solutions
    We provide application systems for various industries including Government and Education (Asset Management & Student Portal…), Gaming (BSB & PCMS… ) and Hospitality (BOS, VPS…) as well as providing Software Products for Software Vendors.

We are a member of Automated Systems Holdings Limited (The ASL Group), which was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 771) in 1997. Through its subsidiaries and offices across the Asia Pacific region...